Nike Latest Carding Tutorial BY XPLICIT CARDERS [2K19]

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Post By; Santhosh
Note: Use Only For Educational Purpose Try With Ur Own Risk

Steps to Follow:

🔰Requirements -

¤  PC
¤  RDP / 911 s5
¤  Good CC (Visa/Mastercard)
¤  Receiving Address (Drop)
¤  Have Brains & Act Real

📛Before Carding find a fast and stable RDP (should be the same State as your drop), login to your RDP through the Remote Desktop Connection or just set up your 911 s5 VPN 


1. Open and Clear your browser's cookies/cache/history. Go to

2. Browse through and add your preferred item to cart then Checkout 

3. checkout as Guest.

4. Billing = Shipping i.e in this case you buy CC with the same State, City & Zip as your drop's State, City & Zip (you use your drop's address for both the Billing & Shipping section or just leave it as Billing Same as Shipping (don't uncheck the box)

5. Enter the Credit Card's (CC) info (CC Number, Exp Date, CVV) 

6. Place Order.

Enjoy Now You Can Successfully Card❤

Don't Just Pass(Read) The Tutorial... Just Give A Try 

Good Luck :-)❤

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