20 Apps Are Deleted By Google From Indian Play Store Because Of Joker Malware

Google has identified that a Virus attacking Android Mobile Phones now and again. To tell is the most recent one is the JOKER virus. As indicated by the CSIS(Canadian Security Intelligence Service) security specialist Joker Virus has been effected in 24 Android

Applications(apps). To deal with this problem Google has removed the 24 infected apps from the Indian Play Store. Joker Malware is a big risk for Android clients(users) for their safety reason. With the support of these 24 affected applications, this JOKER virus has been fixed on a huge number of Android devices all having JOKER malware. 

Important things to identify:

  • The JOKER virus quickly catches clients(users) data by marking the paid administration memberships.
  • By utilizing these effected applications the clients(user) data has been hijacked(stolen) from contacts, or through SMS or MMS (messages) and also they can collect your mobile's complete information(hidden data also) like sequential and IMEI numbers. These Android Applications(apps) are effected by JOKER malware.
  • This virus existence has been already identified in 37 countries, in that India is the major one that has been affected by this JOKER virus. 
  • The list of 37 countries are the United States, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Serbia, Singapore, Republic of Argentina, Qatar, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Myanmar, Malaysia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Honduras, Egypt, France, China, Cyprus, Belgium, Brazil, Australia, Austria.
  • This virus committed to ads for confirming up users for Prime Approvals and they collect the user's data in the backend(background).
  • Majorly this virus has been installed on most of the Android phone and this is a wide risk for Android users.
  • Now in a successful action, Google at present deleted all the infected applications from the Play Store.

If you are using an Android Phone and are firm with the infected apps, a file of the affected apps has been let-off. The following are the infected apps by this JOKER app. Go through the below statted ones:
>>Altar Message
>>Antivirus Security-Security Scan
>>Age Face
>>Advocate Wallpaper
>>Board picture editing
>>Beach Camera
>>Cute Camera
>>Climate SMS
>>Certain Wallpaper
>>Collate Face Scanner
>>Display Camera
>>Declare Message
>>Dazzle Wallpaper
>>Great VPN
>> Humour Camera
>>Ignite Clean
>>Leaf Face Scanner
>>Mini Camera
>>Print Plan Scan
>>Rapid Face Scanner
>>Ruddy SMS
>>Reward Clean
>>Spark Wallpaper
>>Soby Camera

So if you are having any applications that are mentioned above, immediately uninstall/remove them from your mobile phone because those apps will harm your mobile by collecting or stealing your device information like contacts, SMS or else like your IMEI numbers. It's better to remove them quickly and protect your mobile from this harmful virus.

Aside from this you have to do an important thing is to reset your device immediately after removing those harmful apps to eliminate off any extra injurious content that resided on your mobile phone. So be aware of this virus and review the above-stated information. I hope you guys to have a good day.

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