How to Improve Your Battery with Simple Tips & Tricks 2019

Hello Buddy Now Our New Topic is About Improve Battery in Mobile:

The Following Steps are  Improve Your Android Battery Timing:

1.Reduce screen brightness.

2.Don't use live wallpapers.

3.Use black wallpaper or black theme.

4.Remove home Screen widgets that you don't need.

5.keep your battery way from extreme heat.

6.Disable Auto Sync.

To turn of auto sync,go to settings    Accounts and Sync  Uncheck the 'Auto-sync'.

7.Turn off wifi when not in use.

8.Disable haptic feedback.

To disable haptic feedback,go to settings sound.Scroll down to system and Uncheck Haptic feedback.

9.Turn off location service.

To turn off location service.

Tap Settings  Locations services.

In check all the boxes available.

10.Disable auto updates for widgets to disable a widget's automatic updates:open the widget and press menu settings.

Tap on auto refresh and choose none.

If you can't customize the widget and it's something you can live without,we suggest you to remove it from the home screen.To do that: press and hold down the widget until it is highlighted.

Drag the widget to the trash icon to remove it from the home Screen.

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