First new things to do for your new mobile | Best Trick For New Mobile

How Buddy Now Our New Topic is About The Things You Should To Do in Your Mobile:

Add Owner Info:

     Adding Owner info in the Android phone is very important. If you lost your mobile phone, you can get it back from this trick. Anyone can read owner info of your mobile from the lock screen

Enable Device Manager:

     Activate Device Manager is very important, if you ever lose your smart phone, you can track your Android mobile phone with this feature.

Setup Your Google Account:

     Many people skip Google account setup. But this is the first to do in an Android phone. Always setup your Google account in Android apps in the Android phone from Google Play Store, if you do not setup your Google account.

Enable USB Debugging:

     If you ever forget your pattern lock and do not know how to reset the password. By enabling USB debugging you can easily remove your old pattern lock with the help of PC.     You can do much more things by enabling USB debugging like mirror android screen to PC.

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