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Hello, Buddy Welcome to a New Topic SEO...

Hey Now Talk About SEO:

      SEO means Search engine optimization. It is helpful to increase the quality of traffic to your website through some search engine like GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING....etc

Hey, Buddy Now We Discussed SEO Introduction:

      SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that's a technique to help your website rank higher in organic search results. This makes your website more visible to people at the top of the search engine result, people who are looking at your service.

Search Engine Optimization tips

     SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as both organic and paid search. In paid search, you can pay to your website on the search engine. 
SEM as two searches namely: Organic search and Paid search
  1. ORGANIC SEARCH: It is also called a natural search. In this results, the web page is most close to the user's result (or) any search inquiry state of being closely connected. 
  2. PAID SEARCH: In this paid search the owner as to paid the website to their webpages display for only particular keywords. So the owners as to pay the particular keyword. So it is named as a paid search. It will increase traffic with help paid money to AdWords
Hello, Buddy Lets Go through our Concept:

Buddy following tips and tricks are very important to optimize your website for search engine:
  1. You should have pure content. ( should not Copy content from Sites it will decrease your traffic and organic search results as well as Google page ranking)
  2. Should have Longtail keywords.
  3. Use only h2 or h3 while writing content.
  4. Don't repeat the same keywords in your content.
  5. Make the website about one thing.
  6. Remove anything that slows down your website.
  7. Link to other websites with relevant content.
  8. Update your website pages day by day.
  9. Don't change your domain name.
  10. Write unique and relevant meta descriptions for every page.
  11. Use readable and meaningful URLs only.
  12. Use the right keywords in your images.

You should have pure content 

To remove the fear you must write content more and more. You may know that content is the king, But I don’t believe this. To me, ‘Quality Content writing’ is the king. For writing content, you need to maintain some sequences. For example, finding out the topic on which you will write on the article, it means doing the keyword research, competitor analysis, search volume and suggested bid in Adwords Research etc.
  • Some software you may use for your work to write quality content:
  1. HeadingChecker 
  2. Grammarly 
  3. Readability Test

quality content tool free download

Should have Long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are keywords or key phrases that are more specific – and usually longer – than more commonly searched for keywords. Long tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion value, as they are more specific.
you can search long tail keyword research by using Ad-words.

Write unique and relevant meta descriptions for every page

Use readable and meaningful URLs only

  1. If users can’t read or understand your URL, then search engines may be confused as well. 
The Url Maybe long but easy to understand to users
  • URLs Must be 100% Readable
  • Correct URL:  
  • Incorrect URL: 
  • Use Hyphens, Not Underscores
  • Correct URL: 
  • Incorrect URL:
  • Top Content in Top Folders
  • More Authority: 
  • Less Authority:
  • No Capital Letters
  • is a different URL than
Use the right keywords in your images
  • In blogger First, you should upload images by selecting an image icon at top of the bar
  • Select choose files from your computer/mobile
  • Select image and down the pop-up bar Choose the option to Add selected
  • The image will be a showcase in blogger
  • Again select the image and select properties button  at down the image options
  • After Selecting properties Button one pop up will be open


The age of a domain or web page is also one of the top SEO tips you should keep in mind. Indeed, it’s crucial for your success. For this reason, don’t constantly change your domain name. Pick one and stick with it, unless there’s a very good reason to change.

you can retain the backlinks, social media shares and other on-site engagement metrics it’s already earned.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a broader topic in an SEO part. It is a form of online marketing. SEM increases the visibility of the website through SEO.   
congratulation buddy you successfully completed the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now your perfectly optimize a website for a search engine,

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