How to start a blog: 11 Simple Steps

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A brief explanation about the blog (Create a blog in 11 simple steps) 

  • Create a Gmail account
create a branded email address
  1. Create a branded email address like your website
  2. After Creating a Gmail sign into
  • Create an (Address)=Domain name & Title=(Blog categories)
The blog helps to increase the money
    1. After Sign into the blogger, the pop up will be open 
    2. In the pop up You have seen title & address
    3. Fill the title With your blogger Categories name example: Movie Reviews, Educations Sites, News blogs etc.
    4. Fill the Address tab with Domain 
    5. The Domain Must Contains your blog keyword name example: Suppose if you are selecting a movie Reviews blog the Domain name is it helps to increase Google page rank & Seo 
    6. Select Theme or Template 
    7. Create a blog 
    • Create a New Post
    1. Select New Post Button or create a new post button
    • Create a Post Title
    Create a post title with keywords

    1. Create a post title with a keyword Research tool that helps to increase Google page rank & Traffic increase to your blog
    2. use Capital letter at your post title 
    3. and Don't use capital letters at linking words in the post title
    • Compose/Html

    1. If you are Expect In Coding go through by selecting HTML Button
    2. If you are Not Expect In Coding go through by selecting Compose Button
    • Title Editing h1, h2, h3, h4
    1. In the top of the bar, you can change font size and font style and bolt letters
    2. Use only h2,(Sub Heading) 
    3. Use only h3, ( Minor Heading) in your blog posts
    4. Don't use h1, (Heading) in your blog post it affects the adsense & SEO rule

    • Upload an image
    1. By selecting an icon You can upload your images to blogger
    2. use captions for every image and use tags in your images
    • Save your post

    • Publish Your Post


    Earnings: Don’t apply for adsense at the first stage of blogger
    *After writing 30 posts with 300 - 1000 words for each post then apply for adsense in the earning tab
    *This is the main concept of the blogger if any doubts about blogger put a message (or) leave a message in the comment section.
    thanks for reading our Blog

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