how to hack a Mobile Phone to read texts and whats app

how to hack a Mobile Phone to read texts and whats app

Hi Guys Today our Topics is Mobile Ethical Hacking

Nowadays Everyone is using smartphones. By the help of smartphones, we are learning so many things. We can easily communicate with others at any cost.we can watch videos, news, and chatting etc. 

The attackers are easily able to compromise the mobile network because of various vulnerabilities, the majority of the attacks are because of the untrusted apps. The attackers are gaining access to mobile devices by sending phishing messages/spam messages to users

Mobile ethical hacking

Some people want to monitor their kids and children's Mobile. also, people want to catch their Information about what they are doing in mobile. 

If u want to hack your friend's mobiles or any other mobile for fun. Here is a technique that can help to spy your friend mobile. 

The technique is only for an educational purpose not for unnecessary things. we are not responsible for those things. so use only for educational purpose.

Now we Discuss 7 Simple steps for mobile hacking

Step: 1
Open Google and open search bar, and type mobile-tracker-free. Com

About mobile tracker: 
Mobile tracker free is a website + app it helps to monitor mobile phone using software tool. It will help us to allow you to know the details of what is happening on a smart phone. 

Step: 2
You have registered on the website with your mail id or registered with custom mail id

After registration process the download page was opend and you have to press the button for download the application and the application should install in your friends mobile.

Step: 3
First, u need to off the play protect in the play store. 
How to stop Play protect - Open play store → open slide bar → and tap play protect → and stop both permission you have seen play Protect.

Step: 4
Now install the application which mobile you want to hack.
after installation Process Now sign up with Registration mail id in the application. after login, the application will ask to allow permissions. give all permissions 

Step: 5
Click save button and Success pop-up will appear and then click ok. Now the application is closed. It is now configured. and it will hide automatically 
if you want to uninstall those application friends mobile tap *1234*

Step: 6
Now you have to login in the website:
with your registered mail id

Step: 7
Now you can monitor all access given by the mobile
you can watch live camera access 
mobile SMS
mobile calls
chrome history
calls recording 
whats app and facebook SMS will be shown. if your friends mobile will be rotted

Congratulation you have learned how to hack mobile phone

Without touching, mobile will be explained after all permission granted to write the post. 
Don't hack the if the person is not friendly with u
don't uses for unnecessary things 
you can watch Mobile screen live view also 

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