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what is a Domain Name:

A domain name is a website identification name. It is used for any users to find your website by typing your domain name in search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING.....etc.

Some domains are Purchased domains and some domains are free domains. 
Purchased Domain Can be divided into three categories 

  • Top Level Domain: These are at the highest level in the DNS structure of the Internet.
  • Country Code Level Domain: Two letter domains established for geographical locations; for example: .au signifies Australia. 
  • Generic Top Level Domain: The best known generic TLD's include .com, .net, .biz, .org and .info - these can be registered by anyone
  • Sub-Domains: Part of a higher ranked domain name in DNS hierarchy; e.g.

Using Free domain there will be no growth in google ranking & as well as approval of Adsense will be delayed 
If you write content well in the free domain the Adsense will be activated within 6 months 
If the Domain is free then Adsense is Host one website and adds will be displayed only single domain

So if you Purchase a Domain and it is approved by Adsense your blog CPC (Click per Cost) rate will increase and you can host other websites using this Adsense account.

Now in this topic, we learn about how to link free domain name registration.

Hey, Buddy if you Want to Register a Domain the Following Steps to be Followed:

  • First, open the google and entry the
  • In this step entry your domain name and select  .tk .mi .cl from the right side option. This process is shown in the below picture.

  • If your domain is available then your Check out page will open and select 12 months free option After registration page will be open and select the free registration length as shown in below picture.

  • If your domain name is not available then try another domain name.

  • After registration click order button, and your got email verification link.

  • A verification link will be sent to your email. Click that link and it goes to the checkout page and fills the details like address, name Gmail, phone no, etc. 

  • and tap check-out option the domain is added in your my domain option

  • Congratulations successfully your domain is ready to set up in your blogger.

Now you set up the free domain in blogger:

  • Open your blogger on GOOGLE.  Click on the blogger and registered with your mail id (you don't know how to create blog Click here) after opening the blog tap settings option → Basic → Set up third party URL

  • Now click on the setup third part URL for that blog as shown in the picture.
  • Enter your domain registered in freedom website.

  • Now after filling it click on the save button that an error will be shown.

  • Don't worry about it, we have not able to verify the authority to the domain. Now we require two Cname as shown in the picture.
  • Now open the Google new tab and enter the freedom website and after click in my domain. After click on the my domain as shown in below picture.

  • After click on the Manage Domain as shown in the picture.
  • Now in this step click on the manage freedom DNS and it will take to the DNS MANAGEMENT for your 

  • Next, select the CNAME RECORD from that option then write the www and in target and after leaving that TTL.
  • After doing, again and again, adding CNAME after click on the more record option and write your name and target you are in error as shown in below figure.

  • Now you successfully added your CNAME records. Click on the more records, after selecting the A record and leave a name to blank and set the TTL to 200 or 300 and set the first target to after completed again repeat the process and add the second target to, after the third target to Fourth target to enter same as shown in above figure.
  • Then after click on the on the save. Now you wait for 10 minutes and then go to your own blogger and go to your blogger settings after go to the basic and after add a custom domain and entry your www. domain name,tk 
  • Now click on the save button. After saving the blog will be ready.
  • By seeing your blogger you should click on the view blog.
Copy Cnames Perfectly is same as in blogger and paste in freenom 
if you not copy perfectly the domain cant added properly.
next topic is how to get free hosting 
thanks for reading our article

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