8 Advanced tips for YouTube Search Optimization and YouTube Views

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8 Advanced tips for youtube optimization

Nowadays YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. Over 1.9 billion users log in to YouTube every month and they spend more than 2 billion hours watching videos on it every day. In case, millions of videos are uploaded every day to this platform.

With so many videos being uploaded to YouTube every second,  and tremendous competition on the platform. So, it’s not as easy as the website ranking.

However, YouTube not only works as an entertainment platform but also serves as a way for brands to advertise themselves.

Now we Discuss 8 tips about youtube optimization

Conduct Keyword Research

It is the first and Foremost youtube optimization tips for keyword research. same as Search engine optimization (SEO), you need to conduct youtube optimization as well. 
Use platforms KwFinder and Google Keyword Planner these two platforms help in keyword research 

If you are not using relevant keywords you target videos and audience will not reach so you to put the effort in keyword research
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Optimize Your Channel

  • Leverage your Channels’ Community Tab to Boost Engagement

Make sure to also tell your audience about your Community tab. You can post a video about it where you talk about your new community tab and tell people to check it out. Don’t forget to mention it in the video description, too. And you can also promote it on your other digital channels.

  • Create Custom Thumbnails for All of Your Videos
You can Create Custom thumbnails by using Photoshop, Crello, Canva
In this websites Different templates and styles to help you to create a thumbnails

Optimize Your Videos

The Many important Factors based on which people are going to watch your videos. They Want the quality of your videos and their content. You need to ensure that every single video that you upload is of the highest quality and with description. 

Optimize Video Descriptions

Explain Clearly about your video in short description in the down of the video and if you copy any song or image plz give rights in your video by giving a link in the description it helps to decrease copyright strike

Optimize Video Titles

Already we explain briefly about video title in the top of the page
Now we explain tips about Video titles

The Title should contain
  • Keeping that in mind, it is a good idea to keep your titles about 100 characters in length.
  • Name of the location, if it is a destination video
  • The target keyword
  • All important entities and names

Encourage Viewers to Engage

Another good idea would be to comment on other videos in the Video link. These comments would not only give you visibility but may even help establish yourself as an expert in youtube. This can help you get more visitors to your channel and videos as well. This is one of the lesser-known YouTube optimization tips but is very effective. it will increase rank in youtube search result

Use Playlists

The first step to achieve this is to group the videos together. When they are grouped, they may drive more traffic to and from each other. Viewers might watch videos on the same topic and this can increase your views.

Playlists also help you get more views due to the fact that they rank in both Google and YouTube searches. Additionally, videos in a playlist play one after the other.


These optimization tips help to increase search result ranking and views of your videos
Grouping your videos into playlists can help you get more views on multiple videos due to their relevance to each other. Finally, using high-quality and engaging thumbnails is critical to get people to click on your videos and watch them.

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